Chevrons & More…

A variety colors for each digital paper packs are available. 
  – To see a larger image of the patterns within a pack, click on the image.  
  – To see all of the available colors, click on the link (Pattern Pack #) below the image.
(Note: Each set of the patterns has a pack number assigned.)

12x12 Ocean Blue & White Zigzags DP01-Display1 12x12 Brick Red & White Zigzags DP02-Display1 12x12 Ocean Blue & White Zigzags DP03-Display1

Chevron Packs


Damask Packs

12x12 Patterns Emperor Gray&White - DP063 Display 12x12 Patterns Ming Blue & White - DP064 Display 12x12 Patterns Gray&White - DP065 Display
Damask Pack 65
    12x12 Patterns Orange & White - DP066 Display

Moroccan Packs


Polka Dot Packs

12x12 Patterns Burnt Orange&White - DP004 Display 12x12 Patterns Brick Red&White - DP007 Display 12x12 Patterns Maroon&White - DP013 Display
12x12 Patterns Plum&White - DP017 Display 12x12 Patterns Purple&White - DP026 Display 12x12 Patterns Wisteria&White - DP001 Display-LG