60 Colors – Reference Sheets

Need help picking a color and/or want to know what the color will look like when it is printed.  The 4"x6" sheets make handy reference tools.  Especially when a specific color is needed.

The 4"x6" reference sheets are jpegs. They can be printed or/and reference digitally to pick a color to create a design. The 4"x6" photos can be placed in a mini photo album or laminated. The 60 colors are named and are some of the colors used to create the digital papers listed within this website.

If 12"x12" solid color digital paper jpegs are desired, they are available within the 'Solid Colors' under Digital Paper – 'By Style' section or via the following link – 60 Digital Colors Paper Pack.


The 60 Color Digital Paper Pack with 12"x12" sheets is also available. Click the following link to access the product page – 60 Digital Colors Paper Pack & Reference Sheets.  (The Reference Sheets are included.) 

Note: Computer monitors and printers are different and unless the monitor is calibrated, the color you see on your monitor may not be exactly the same as what you see when the file is printed (which is another reason why the reference sheets are handy).

When submitting the color reference sheets to a professional/retail printing firm, please make sure to click the 'do not color correct' to prevent any of the colors from being adjusted.

For those using the metric system, each digital sheet is approximately 305 mm x 305 mm. The international print equivalent for the 4"x6" photo is 102 mm x 152 mm which is the 4R photo print size. (In Japan, the name of the photo print size is KG).