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Template File Formats

PNG File Format

The PNG files/templates generally have a transparent background.

JPegs File Format

Most of the digital papers packs are in the Jpeg format.  (The digital paper pattern templates are in the PNG format with a transparent background which allows you to adjust the color of the pattern to create unique pieces of digital paper.)  The digital paper normally comes in a 12" x 12" with 300 dpi.  It can be cut, reduced, or trimmed to fit any project.

PSD File Format

Each PSD file is organized to aid you with using the template.  The 'Blue' layers indicate a section break.  (For example, General Information, Text Areas, Photo/Image Areas and/or Background.)

Photoshop (PSD) Template Screen Image


To use the PSD templates, a basic knowledge of how to use photo editing software is needed.

PDF File Format

The PDF files/templates come in 2 varies.  The 1st type of PDF file can be printed 'as is' for use.  The 2nd type of PDF file is form based.  The PDF can be printed 'as is' or information can be added to the available fields within the form and then printed.

Limited knowledge needed is use the Adobe Reader program. (If Adobe Reader is not currently installed on your computer system, the software program can be downloaded for free from Adobe's website




Basic tutorials are provided within this websites.  A basic knowledge of how to use Photoshop (or another photo editing software program) is needed.  Technical support for software programs (such as Photoshop, Adobe Reader, etc…) is not provided.