Helpful Tools

Preset Viewer

Need help sorting through your Photoshop brushes, patterns, shapes, swatches, photos, gradients, styles and installed fonts. Tumasoft created a Preset Viewer that allows you to quickly see all installed tools within your system.


Font Viewer

Depending on the number of fonts you have installed on your system and your design needs, you might need a font viewer with some robust features. Proxima Software designed a font software viewer called FontExpert. The program allows you to preview the fonts, manage (add/delete/move) fonts, assign keywords, search existing fonts and create a font library.



Software Links


Adobe is the leader in photo editing software. Both Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Adobe Reader can be obtained from Adobe's downloads page.  Adobe Photoshop has a 30-day trial period. Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free and does NOT have a trial period.



GIMP is short for GNU Image Manipulation Program.  It is a free photo editing software and has the ability to edit PSD files.  (PSD files are graphic layered files. It was originally developed by Adobe Photoshop.  Because of PSD's popularity, other photo/graphic programs are also now compatible with the file format.  Both Corel's Jasc Paint Shop Pro and Ulead PhotoImpact are also compatible with PSD format)