The templates sold will work with any photo editing software program that can read a PSD file.  If you want to check to see if the PSD file format will work with your software, there is a free template that can be downloaded.  The instructions provided are for Photoshop.

The instructions/helpful tools are broken into groups.  Access the information by clicking on the name(s) listed below. 

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Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts & Reference Tools

Photoshop comes with preset keyboard shortcuts.  They are a quick and efficient way to save time when using Photoshop.  The shortcuts are created using a key or a combination of keys.  Key combos usually include Ctrl/Cmd, Alt/Opt, and/or Shift keys.  In addition to change the preset shortcut, shortcuts can be created for menu items/actions.

The PDFs were created by Adobe or created by information available on Adobe's website.  They are handy reference tools.  (If the information was gathered from another source, the source is listed within the PDF.)

Keyboard Shortcuts – Reference Cards