Digital Papers

The digital papers come in many designs, styles and sizes.  They can be used as the background, an overlay, embellishment or as pieces within a design for scrapbooks, cards, crafts and more. Digital Papers are similar to scrapbooking papers.  The added bonus of a digital paper is that once it is purchased or created it has unlimited re-use. You will never run out of paper or need to go to the store.

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Depending on your need, digital paper browsing can be done at any level. The digital papers are separated into two main categories – colors and type of styles. The main categories contain several sub-divisions.  "By Color" is sub-divided to color families and then into individual colors within each family grouping.  "By Style" is divided into types of digital paper styles.  Some of the style categories are sub-divided into color families.



Paper Style/Types


Categories with 'By Style'

Circle Patterns

The circle patterns are part of two groups the Circle category and the main Combo Patterns category.  The patterns are created from different size and shaped circles.

Digital Papers - Circle Patterns

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Combo Patterns

The Combo Pattern category contains containing multiple pattern packs.  The patterns range from simple geometric shapes (circles, squares, etc) to intricate patterns.

Digital Papers - Combo Patterns

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The Damask weaving style was developed during the Middle Ages.  The weaving of threads/yarns formed patterns.  The patterns were generally symmetrical containing images of flowers and leaves.  Some of the patterns within the Damask category could also be considered to be in the Baroque or Victorian style which was developed during the 17th century.  The Baroque style generally is created from complex forms and ornamentation.



The Grunge paper pack comes in an assortment of designs and colors.

Digital Papers - Grunge

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The Image or Art category lists all packs that contain images.  It is sub-divided to make it easier to locate the ideal paper pack.

  • Animals
  • For Babies
  • For Boys
  • For Girls
  • Holidays
  • Miscellaneous
  • Nature Inspired
  • Words


Here are a few sample digital paper packs in the Images/Art Category.





Nature Inspired

Nature inspired digital sheets fall into two categories – images/art and textures.

Digital Papers - Nature Inspired

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Single Patterns

Each paper pack within this category is designed using a single pattern per pack.  The packs alternate between using multiple colors to family color groups.

Digital Papers - Single Pattern

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Solid Papers

Ever had a hard time finding the right color? The Solid Paper Packs come help and come with several options.  You can chose between 12"x12" jpeg sheets and/or 4"x6" printable 'reference sheets'.  The Reference Sheets can be printed for a visual comparison or when using Photoshop's color picker tool.

Digital Papers - Solid Colors

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This category contains paper packs with stripes – vertical, horizontal and diagonal.

Digital Papers - Stripes

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The Texture category contains embossed images of a wide range of objects which include bricks, stucco, wood, stripes, flowers, damask, and patterns.  They are an easy way to provide depth to a design.

Digital Papers - Textures

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The Zigzag category contains anything related to chevron and zigzag patterns.

Digital Papers - Zigzags

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Info Displayed on Paper Pack's Banner

The banner contains several pieces of information.

Information Displayed on Digital Paper Banner

Note: Some of the digital papers have the style/type listed as part of the paper pack's name.




Color Groupings

The paper packs come in three types of groupings – an individual color, multiple colors and multiple colors within a color family.

Digital Papers - Color Groupings

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The Colors

There are 60 base colors in additional to an a variety of other colors used to create the digital color papers.  The colors and color names were used to create printable "Reference Sheets".  The 60 Color – 4"x6" Reference Sheets Pack can be downloaded from the Freebie section.  (Links: Freebie 60 Colors – Reference Sheets or 60 Color Digital Paper Pack with Reference Sheets)

Reference Sheet Mini Album & Laminated Sheets

Note: The textures, filters and layer styles applied to some of the paper packs will affect the colors displayed in comparison to the reference sheets.

The Color Names

Names of the Base Colors Used




Image Print Size

A few of the digital paper packs have several different print sizes of the design/pattern available.

Digital Papers - Combo Patterns - Print Size

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Photos make great background art. The collections range from nature to modern structures and from distance images to macro images.

Start a collection of your own.




Make your own coasters

Items needed: 4"x4" tiles (available at a home supply store), printed digital paper, Mod Podge, clear finish or vanish, brush and/or sponge brush, and round felt pads

Instructions: Cut the paper to the size of the tile. Use the Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the tile.  Let it dry. Spray or brush on a clear coat to seal the paper.  Attach four small felt pads to the bottom of each tile.


Labels, Magnets or Stickers

Digital papers are great tools when creating a 'backdrop' for magnets, labels or stickers.



Digital paper is a great way to create unique bookmarks.  To add to the unique design use two different digital papers – one for the front and one for the back.


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